Thursday, April 15, 2021

Meet Sprocket

Recently, Amadeus has been acting suspiciously. I knew he was up to something, but I had no idea what it could be. One afternoon, not long after the suspicious activity began, a package appeared on the front step. Amadeus opened it and quickly got to work, studying the instructions thoroughly before assembling the mystery. 

A wooden robot holding a screwdriver, studying a sheet of instructions that he is also standing on.

After less than an hour, there were two pairs of legs joined together and what appeared to be a music box. At this point I was banned from the assembly room for being too human and making annoying breathing sounds.

A wooden robot with a screen driver assembling a small music box while sitting next to wooden legs.

Later that afternoon, while walking around outside, I saw Amadeus and what appeared to be a small wooden dog. At first glance, I thought Amadeus was teaching the dog to sit.

A wooden robot standing on a stone with a stick in one hand and a wooden dog sitting opposite him, on the grass.

A moment later, however, Amadeus threw the stick and the little wooden dog ran after it.

A wooden robot standing on a stone watching a wooden dog looking at a stick on the grass.

I'm unsure how exactly he managed it, but the dog picked up the stick and returned it to Amadeus. 

A wood robot sitting on a stone reaching for a stick that is being held by a wood dog sitting opposite.

They continued to play fetch for a while. And I eventually learned that the dog's name is Sprocket. For the past few days, the two have been spending time together and doing whatever it is that little wooden robots do whenever humans aren't around. 


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