Thursday, April 8, 2021

Cherry Blossoms

I had an idea for the type of pictures I wanted to take for this post. I was going to document the blossoming of the weeping cherry in my yard, from buds to flowers to leaves. However, during my daily trips into the yard, I captured some other photos that I thought were better looking than the progress photos I took. The best photos are the ones featuring bees--a mining bee and a carpenter bee. 

I hope you enjoy these photos as the storm outside knocks the last of the blossoms off of the tree.

I took a photo of this little branch over several days, from simple buds to fully bloomed. I like this nice transition stage.

A neighborhood honey bee paid a visit.

I really do believe this adorable fuzzy bee is a mining bee.

I suppose I should include some of the blossoms to leaves transition, if not the full buds to leaves. The transition from full blossoms to a mix of pink and green is always lovely. I wouldn't want to deprive you of that.

And that's it for the cherry blossoms in my yard this year. Next up for the tree is a bunch of tiny cherries, birds eating the cherries, and hopefully an avoidance of Japanese beetles. 


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