Thursday, April 1, 2021

Amadeus in the Spring

Early spring flowers can be tiny and adorable, just the perfect size for Amadeus. He wanted to pick a flower for a potential date, but couldn't decide which kind was best.

A wooden robot sitting in a cluster of purple crocuses with a lawn and houses in the background.

Some of the flowers are a bit too tall, though. He wanted a single flower, not a cluster, so he couldn't simply pick these from anywhere. Perhaps next time he'll bring a step ladder to help him.

A wooden robot reaching up to the top of paperwhite flowers that he is standing behind.
Amadeus finally decided to pick a daffodil. Although they were tall, he could pick a single flower and still have a long stem. Although not tiny, the daffodils are lovely and a perfect symbol of spring.
A wooden robot sitting on a stone holding a daffodil with clusters of daffodils behind him.


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