Thursday, March 11, 2021

Meet Amadeus

Meet Amadeus. 

A wooden robot with his arms raised high, holding a heart in one hand.

Amadeus is a wooden robot who plays music. He only knows a short portion of a single song, but he is more than happy to play it over and over in a slightly creepy way. As long as you keep winding up the key, that is. He cannot wind it himself. Yet.

Being recently assembled, Amadeus is unsure what he should do with his existence. In the four short days since his creation, he has taken up a few hobbies. The first hobby he chose was winning hearts. He doesn't need to put much effort into that, whether the hearts are human or simply pieces of wood.

Next, Amadeus ventured into the world of music. After hearing of another Amadeus who was famous for his music related-endeavors, he decided to start with the piano. He quickly learned he would need a larger piano.

Wooden robot playing a wooden piano.

Finally, Amadeus wondered if his skills might naturally lie in a more technical direction. After finding the screwdriver that was used to assemble his music box and a random electronic device, he set off to discovering the device's secrets. Did he discover those secrets? We may never know.

Wooden robot with a screw driver in one hand, holding an old cell phone up with a leg and the other hand, about to disassemble the phone.

Amadeus's only regret so far in in his existence is that he did not hire a better photographer for his first photoshoot. While he did not pay her for her services, he did promise to not harm her during the robot uprising. Not that a robot uprising is going to happen, of course. No. Nothing like that.



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