Saturday, March 20, 2021

Happy Birthday, Grumbles!

For Grumbles 6th birthday, he took a trip to Valheim. While he didn't go on any grand adventures hunting trolls or raiding caves, he did enjoy a relaxing day.

The day began by surveying the land from the deck of his cabin. No enemies were spotted in the area.

Two characters on a deck overlooking a meadow with large glowing stones.

Next, he spent an enjoyable morning fishing. The weather and the view were both perfect.

Two characters fishing with a small house on a small island and a boat on the water in the distance.

The afternoon was spent gardening. Grumbles isn't terribly fond of carrots, but he helped pull them anyway.

Grumbles holding a carrot while standing in a darkened garden.

Maybe next time Grumbles is in Valheim there will be more exciting things to do. Unfortunately, most of life there is spent tending crops or finding resources. There at least was no cake anywhere to be found.


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