Saturday, January 30, 2021

A Reintroduction


Sunset at the Arch of Cabo San Lucas

I recently remembered that I have this blog, still hosted on Blogger. I archived all old posts; sorry if you are one of the few who remembered they existed. I'm sure you could find them if you tried. If you really wanted to. 

I found a new template for this blog; it is very basic and free. I'll admit that I've yet again given up on learning HTML & CSS & all the other necessary things to make a website. Free is fine. Basic is fine. I at least have a proper domain name.

Since last posting, however long ago, I acquired a camera. I also reacquired a copy of GIMP. I have only a slight idea of how to use either. 

I still possess an ability to write words and wrangle them into a reasonable order. This ability has likely improved over the years. I still am, after all, an aspiring wordsmith. 

I have ideas of what to do here, on this blog. Most of these ideas are conflicting. I'm looking forward to discovering which idea (or ideas) win. 


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