Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Shape of Roses

All of our rose bushes had a lot of dead branches that needed to be cut back once we started doing yard work here. Even our current largest and healthiest rose bush lost at least one third of its size.

While not very uniform, from this view the rose bush still seems to have a decent shape and a nice fullness. However, if you walk a few feet to the right, the view changes.

There's a very obvious gap on this side of the rose bush. The other two rose bushes have strong new branches growing in, so I'm hoping this one will also grow some new branches to fill in the gap. Otherwise, I'll need to prune it back at the end of next winter so it has a nicer shape next year.

First, however, we need to tackle the rose slug problem. Spraying it full strength with the hose every morning helped some, but new rose slugs keep appearing. I ordered a horticultural soap, something I recently learned existed, and that should arrive this week. The soaps are supposed to kill the unwanted pests and still be safe for bees and other pollinators. I hope it works.

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