Sunday, June 3, 2018

Roses, Oh Roses

We have three rose bushes that we know of. All three are in recovery mode. All three are also under invasion by sawfly larvae, also known as rose slugs. We're currently spraying the rose bushes every morning to knock off the larvae. It seems to be helping so far. We may eventually need to take stronger action, but I'd like to avoid any harm to pollinators such as bees.

Besides the rose slugs, our smallest and weakest rose bush was being crowded by two saplings of unknown origin. Our happiest and healthiest rose bush was recently invaded by a sampling of its own.

The invader was easy to remove and I did some pruning to remove dead or overly eaten branches. I need to be more careful when pruning because I accidentally clipped off three roses. One of the roses has 3 buds with it. At least the bush has plenty to spare.

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