Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Clearing Away Some Weeds

Every single flower bed is filled with a wide variety of weeds. There are some proper plants in the flower beds, but these weeds have made our yard their home. The before picture of this flower bed doesn't look too overrun with weeds because it's not the actual before photo. This picture was taken after removing a few saplings that were invading the personal space of the rose bush and raking out a lot of leaves.

It took several hours to clear out all of the weeds. My supervisor became restless and decided a good dirt bath was needed to pass the time. (He happily took a real bath later in the day.)

Eventually, almost all of the weeds were removed. I planned to add mulch the next day, but it rained and yard work was cancelled. It's been a few days since the weeding and there are some weeds already growing back that will need to be removed before we do add mulch. 

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