Thursday, May 31, 2018

Learning Some Names

While posting about the trees yesterday, I noticed the bush between the two trees does have a tag. It's fairly easy to spot in the second photo.

The tag calls the bush a red twig dogwood ivory halo. It goes well with the two trees and will need a better trim in the fall when things go to sleep for the year. Until then, I'll just water it, keep the area clean, and keep it happy.

If it stays happy and healthy, we'll see in the fall whether it's one of the lucky ones that turn red.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Pruning Some Trees

We have two hakuro nishiki willow trees in the side yard that needed trimmed. They were a bit chaotic and weren't sure what shape their should be. Luckily, the trees still had their name tags along with care instructions on them. The tag said they should look like lollipops. (The tag didn't specifically say this, but it had a picture of a tree shaped like a lollipop on it.)

With my trusty gardening shears, I set to work over the course of a weekend. Partway through trimming the first tree, I realized I should have taken a before picture. So here is the mostly-before picture along with a shot of my supervisor.

A few evenings later (possibly the next evening, I'm not entirely sure anymore), the trees looks like lopsided lollipops. They seem to be indifferent about their new haircut.

My goal is to eventually be good enough at pruning these trees so they look like properly made lollipops and not the defective ones.

The bush in between the trees is possibly a hakuro nishiki bush. It does not have a name tag and similar looking bushes appeared in my search results when I Googled "hakuro nishiki willow". The internet doesn't seem too sure that hakuro nishiki willow trees exist. But anyhow, that bush was full of leaves and was very unhappy about life. I cleaned it up, removed some bad branches, and its attitude has much improved.
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