Friday, December 6, 2013

Advent Calendar: Day 6

Lucky’s Guide to Shopping for Cats

If you live with a cat, you need to keep it happy or the cat will be very annoying. Cats like gifts, but only if you pretend it is not a gift and it is not for them.

Top 5 “Gifts” for Cats

5. String – Or ribbon or similar items. They like to pretend to kill it. Cats are evil.
4. Treats – Cats get jealous if only dogs and humans get treats.
3. Twisty Ties* – It is best to not give these to cats ever, but they are dumb and will just take them anyway.
2. Boxes – Cats consider anything cardboard to be their property.
1. Blankets – This is the best nonfood gift to give anyone.
Kat assuming these things are for her.

Things Never to Gift to Cats

3. Bacon – Bacon is not for cats. Only humans and Lucky dogs
2. Shoes – Cats don’t like things on their feet.
1. Baths – Baths are bad for anyone.

Note: Seriously, do not give twisty ties to a cat. 

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