Saturday, December 21, 2013

Advent Calendar: Day 21

Gift of the Magi

Kat sat in the window, looking outside. She let out a sigh and started to clean her paw. It was Christmas day and she still hadn’t figured out what to get Lucky. They always said they wouldn’t get presents for each other, because they were animals and didn’t have money, but Kat was felt like she needed to get a present for Lucky this year.

Kat hopped down from the windowsill and walked into the living room. She stopped to bat at her favorite toy mouse a few times. It used to smell like catnip, but the scent had faded weeks ago. She looked at the door. Lucky would be home from his walk soon. She didn’t have much time left to find a present.

Kat picked up the mouse and carried it into the kitchen. Since it didn’t smell like catnip anymore, Kat thought she might as well trade it for a gift for Lucky. When Kat walked into the kitchen, she smelled bacon. After a bit of searching, Kat discovered that the bacon was on the counter. It wasn’t warm, but it was still bacon. She left the mouse next to the plate and took a piece of bacon.

Kat wanted to surprise Lucky by putting the bacon on his favorite plate, but she couldn’t find it anywhere. Their humans must be washing it, she thought. Kat decided to wait until the plate was put back by the water dish before giving Lucky the bacon. She ran to her room and hid the bacon under her food dish.

A few minutes later, Kat heard the door open and Lucky come inside. They always get a treat when Lucky returns from a walk, so she ran to the door and sat in her assigned spot. After they finished their treats, Lucky told Kat that he had a surprise for her. Lucky asked Kat to bring him her favorite toy mouse.

This made Kat sad. She explained to Lucky how she didn’t have the mouse anymore because she traded it for a present for him. Kat told Lucky how she had planned to surprise him with the present by putting it on his favorite dish. At this point in Kat’s story Lucky started laughing. Kat thought he was laughing at her, so she ran to her room.

Lucky followed Kat a minute later with the present that he got her. It was some catnip for her mouse. He knew it was her favorite toy and that the catnip in it was old. Lucky then explained that he traded his favorite plate for the catnip. Kat laughed and showed Lucky the bacon that she got for him.

Lucky and Kat both loved their presents and ate them happily. Even though they didn’t have anything to put the bacon or catnip on, Kat and Lucky thought they were the best presents in the world. When they were finished, they decided it was a good time to curl up on their blankets and take a nap.

Later that day, their humans wondered why Kat’s mouse was on the counter and Lucky’s dish was locked in the pantry.

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