Monday, December 16, 2013

Advent Calendar: Day 16

Little Lucky Dog

Do you smell it? ba bay bay bacon
That scent it does emit, ba bay bay bacon
High upon the stove, ba bay bay bacon
It’s like a treasure trove, ba bay bay bacon
Bay bay bacon, bay bay bacon

Will you give me some? ba bay bay bacon
When it’s done?

I hate waiting, wa wal wal walking
With my breath bating, wa wal wal walking
Let’s go outside right now, wa wal wal walking
I have to go and how, wa wal wal waking
Wal wal walking, wal wal walking

I’ll go have a pee, wa wal wal walking
On that tree

It is naptime bla blan blan blanket
Some sleep would be sublime, bla blan blan blanket
I need to have a rest, bla blan blan blanket
It is what I do best, bla blan blan blanket
Blan blan blanket, blan blan blanket.

If you wake me up Bla blan blan blanket
You’ll regret it

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