Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Advent Calendar: Day 11

It’s a Wonderful Lucky

Lucky was having a bad day. The cat ate some of his breakfast, it rained during his walk, and someone moved his blanket. He even lost one of his humans when he took a short nap. He couldn’t find her anywhere he looked. Lucky was so tired of everything going wrong that he wished he was never born.

Suddenly, Lucky saw Snoopy wearing a Santa hat. Snoopy explained that he was there to show Lucky what life would be like if he had never been born. Lucky didn’t believe that Snoopy would be there talking to him, so Lucky just ignored him and walked into the other room.

The room he walked into wasn’t a part of his home. It was smaller. There were cat toys everywhere and it smelled like kitty litter and catnip. He went to turn around, but there was no door behind him. He wasn’t sure where he was, so he decided to explore.

When he entered the next room, he saw Kat sitting on top of a tall scratching tower with several cats below her. Kat was telling the other cats what to scratch up and when. All of the furniture was in tatters and there was cat hair everywhere. Lucky saw one of his humans sitting on the couch looking sad and defeated. There was nothing she could do to stop the cats from ruining everything.

Lucky suddenly realized that if he never found his human, his human’s life would be run by cats. Lucky was who kept the cats in line and limited the number of cats in the house. Lucky couldn’t bear to see his human looking so sad. He started to run all around the house looking for Snoopy. He wanted things to go back as they were. He wanted to live. He wanted to protect his humans.

Suddenly Lucky woke up. He realized he was running in his sleep. He quickly looked around and noticed everything was as it should be. He walked to his human and got some scratches. Lucky sighed, knowing that life was as it should be.

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