Saturday, July 6, 2013

Not spoiled

Lucky has had a rough few weeks.

Two weeks ago he tripped coming up the steps and busted open his gum line.
A week ago he had a vet appointment where they took blood and did a physical.
This past Monday he had a dental cleaning and they had to remove some of his teeth. A few other minor things were also done at that time.

During the past week he has been recovering.

Yesterday was the first day he was back to himself and playful.

During the past week I found something amazing at the grocery store and decided I had to get it for Lucky. They sell doggie cake mix. (You can find it here: They didn't have peanut butter flavored, so I had to settle for banana.

Since he's back to being normal Lucky, we celebrated today.
Yes, he had to wear a party hat.
 He was initially confused that I gave him a cupcake.
Tiny nibbles.
He wouldn't eat the cupcake until I cut it into pieces for him.
He seems to enjoy banana cupcake with yogurt frosting. He also keeps informing me that there are more cupcakes for him on the kitchen counter.

And yes, I took a video.

I will be buying doggie toothpaste and other dental cleaning supplies soon. He hates having his teeth cleaned, which is why they got so bad. But we have to clean them regularly now or he will lose more teeth.

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