Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lucky's Guide to Using a Blanket

It has come to Lucky's attention that humans use blankets in stupid ways. Instead of laying on top of the blanket in some fashion, humans tend to lay the blanket on top of themselves. Lucky would never allow for such a misuse of a blanket. In this post, as simple guide for all humans, Lucky demonstrates several ways to properly use a blanket.

The simplest way to use a blanket is as a low pillow. To do this, just scrunch up a corner of your blanket. Then, place your head on the blanket and fall asleep.

The next way to use a blanket is as a nose cover. This is very important for those cold nights. Or when someone leaves a fan on. 
Note how he keeps a paw on the blanket. It is important to not allow anyone to touch or use your blanket. 

A step up from the "nose cover" method is the "light blocker" method. As the name states, this method of blanket use is to block light. This is helpful for when humans foolishly leave lights on when it is nap time. 

When your blanket is bunched up and you don't feel like spreading it out, the best option is to use it as a full pillow. Why waste time rearranging the blanket when you could be sleeping?

If you are a stomach sleeper, you can still use the blanket as a full pillow, as demonstrated here.

A more advanced blanket technique is to sleep on the blanket as if it were a nest. Keep in mind that it takes a minute or so of arranging the blanket to get it into the perfect nest shape. This is not a method for beginners.

Hopefully this has been informative. Lucky would provide constructive criticism of your individual blanket use, but he has a very busy schedule.

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