Sunday, July 14, 2013

Daily Something: Drawing

Another drawing update!

Monday: The topic was ships. I am a fan of tall ships.

Tuesday: The theme was zombies and flowers. I have no idea how to draw people things. Not even the undead variety.

Wednesday: Wednesday was something called the Exquisite Corpse. Three people make the three different parts of a person: head, middle, legs. I did the legs on this. I felt this guy needed bunny slippers. 

Thursday: This theme was landscapes. I felt like playing with chalk pastels. I am awful with chalk pastels.

Friday: For the free draw I decided to improve my landscape drawing.

Saturday: The serious topic for this Saturday was to draw something upside down. I did a Google search for a random barn, saved and rotated the image 180 degrees, and drew it.
how I drew it
flipped so you don't have to flip your computer

Sunday: Today's still life topic was drapery. So I drew the fabric of my one skirt. I still get frustrated too quickly when drawing fabric. I get lost in the folds.

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