Sunday, July 7, 2013

Daily Something: Drawing

I'm doing pretty good with drawing something daily. Being given a topic is very helpful. Here are my drawings from the past week.

Monday was a lurker.

Tuesday was my mechanic.

I drew the alternate theme on Wednesday, which was shoes. (That is my shoe.)

On the 4th of July the topic was fireworks or a historical figure. I chose Betsy Ross presenting the first flag.

Friday is always a free draw day. Rachel suggested I draw Lucky in the style of Pusheen the cat.

Serious Saturday's topic was very educational. It was to draw different representations of something using Scott McCloud's big triangle. I drew a flower. I like the abstract version the best.

Today, Sunday, was about still life. Veggies, was the topic, so I drew my snack (cucumber slices and baby carrots). I don't like it. I should have drawn it on a larger scale and I also need a kneaded eraser. Oh, well.

So, there's that. Feel free to share your hobby with me.


  1. Does that mean it's a needed kneaded eraser?


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