Sunday, May 26, 2013

How to go to Ohio in 4 steps

A simple guide to travelling to the Cleveland area of Ohio from another location.

Step 1: Acquire a suitcase or some sort of bag. Place clothing and necessary items for survival in it.
If this portable storage container has been used for travel previously, it still may have valet check tags on it. (I think these count as "collector's items," but I may be wrong.)

Step 2: Go to an airport. Any airport should do. The inside looks something like this.
Keep in mind they make you pay to travel by airplane and you must choose your airplane before entering the waiting areas. Eventually find the airplane and get on it.

Step 3: Exit the airplane when you are permitted to. There is a chance you are not Ohio yet. This sometimes happens. Airplanes are chaotic creatures, so their final destination is difficult to predict. If you are not in Ohio, find a place to sit and wait for another airplane.
Some airports have furniture designated for outside locations inside of the building. Do not question the local customs. When another airplane is brought to the ground and tamed, get on it and hope it takes you to Ohio.

Step 4: Again, exit the airplane when you are permitted to. Determine if you are in Ohio. If not, you may give up at this point or wait around for another airplane. If you are told you are in Ohio, verify it by finding some food. If it looks like this, chances are you are near the Cleveland area of Ohio.

Good luck and safe travels.

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