Saturday, April 27, 2013

For the birds

This morning we went to the Charleston Farmers Market. As much as everyone has said how amazing it is, I wasn't really impressed. There weren't very many stands of produce up and there were way too many stands similar to what's in the market on Market Street (that is, homemade crafty things). It reminded me of one of the festivals in downtown Bedford. We did buy some strawberries, but haven't had any yet, so not I'm sure if they are good. It's still early in the year, so hopefully it gets better.Oh, there was a dog show going on today, which was fun. There were so many (well behaved) dogs!

Anyway, the highlight of this week can be described by the following picture.

Well, not completely. There was another bird, besides the turkey vulture and crow. This was a smaller bird (not sure what type) who perched on a car and screamed at the two larger birds. It would occasionally dive bomb the crow. Very amusing. When the turkey vulture finished eating whatever was on the ground, he walked into the woods behind the building.

How was your week?

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