Saturday, March 16, 2013


I guess it's spring in Charleston now. The weather is warmer and everything has a nice coating of yellow pollen. This spring-like weather means we've been taking more walks, so I've had more opportunities to take pictures. Hopefully my blogposts will be more colorful again!

There are a few ponds where I live with turtles. The one turtle, which may be the largest turtle on the property, has claimed one of the small ponds for himself. He likes to sit on the little bit of land in the middle. I have named it Turtle Island.

Lots of bushes and trees are flowering now. They're pretty and make everything colorful and happy. Lots of these flowering bushes are in the cemetery on Church Street. Here is one so you can see how lovely they are.

We went to the beach this morning and I took lots of random pictures. Most of them were just okay, but a few were nice. This one is my favorite and is now my desktop background.

As always, I took a lot of pictures of the birds. I like the sandpipers. Some were hopping around on one leg for some odd reason.

I wonder if Ohio is still cold. It's only March, so it's likely they will have snow again sometime soon. Hm. I think I'll stick with this warm weather.

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