Saturday, February 23, 2013

Still raining

It's rained a lot during the past few weeks. That means we haven't gone anywhere. And that means that I have nothing interesting to update about. Unless you consider budgeting my money and cutting coupons to be interesting...

I did find a neat website where you can take free courses:
I've signed up for 5 courses so far. They have a lot of interesting topics and I guess you get a certification of completion for most of them. I will print those out and hang the on the wall above my computer.

Anyway, so since it's been raining it's also been a bit cooler outside. Lucky decided to do nothing but shiver the other day and refused to lay on a blanket. My solution was to put a warm towel on his back.
He didn't like that and finally laid down on the blanket.

Kat still enjoys the sunroom. She likes it even more now that I've been using it for drawing.
I'm still terrible with anything besides charcoal, so I doubt I'll share my drawings. I'm trying to use pastels and I don't think I like them.

If you were concerned about Lucky having to go up and down steps now that we live on the second floor, this video is for you. If you notice at the end, he looks back to make sure I'm still behind him. He always does this. I guess I go up stairs too slowly for him.

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