Saturday, December 29, 2012

Visit to Ohio

I had planned on spending about a week in Ohio, but due to being sick the week before and a blizzard coming in the day after Christmas, I only got to spend about 3ish days there.

We rented a car to drive up. Lucky enjoyed the drive up very much. He seems to like sleeping in a car.

On Sunday I went to the Cleveland Museum of Art with my parents. They just remodeled the entire building and it's very lovely.
Unfortunately, not all of the exhibits are open yet. The Impressionism gallery was open though, and that's my favorite room there. The Cleveland Museum of Art is much better than any of the art museums/galleries I've seen here in Charleston.

There was snow on the ground for the entire visit to Ohio, which means we had a white Christmas. I forgot to take a picture of the lovely snow, but it shows up here in my attempt to take a picture of the Christmas lights.

Christmas morning was delicious with the standard breakfast of cinnamon rolls.
Don't worry, we put a simple icing on top!

The cats were very excited to open presents, as always.
During this time, Lucky was laying in the middle of the room trying to not fall asleep. He was failing at that and kept falling over.

Christmas night we had to leave to avoid the big snow storm. Driving through the mountains of West Virginia in the snow seems like an awful idea. Lucky, of course, slept the entire way back to Charleston.

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