Sunday, December 2, 2012

A dog named Lucky

 Once there was a dog named Lucky. His favorite thing to do was sleep. If he didn't get at least 36 hours of sleep every day, he would be a very unhappy and grumpy dog.

Lucky liked to sleep on soft things. He liked soft things so much that he would steal them from people! The color of the soft thing didn't matter, even if it was pink! He just cared that it was soft. Sometimes he would sleep using one of his own soft things, like his stuffed doggie.

Lucky had a special blanket that he used for sleeping. It was given to him by a very special person. However, there was a rule for using the blanket to sleep: He couldn't lay on it completely, but he had to be touching it while he slept.

Most often Lucky just slept with one of his paws on the blanket. That way he would know instantly if someone touched it or tried to take it from him. No one was allowed to use the blanket except Lucky.

Sometimes Lucky would be brave and sleep with more than his paw or nose touching the blanket. He would would sleep with his head and two front legs on the blanket! The blanket was so soft and comfy. He loved it very much.

Usually when Lucky slept with his head on the blanket he would snore. His snoring was so loud that it could wake up a cat!

Whenever someone would wake Lucky up to make sure he went outside for a walk, he would stand still and look very confused. He never understood why he had to be outside when there was dreaming to do!

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