Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rainbow houses and a fire station

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been feeling a migraine coming on and that just kills all motivation for everything. Fortunately I haven't had the horrible migraine pain, but I have had many of the side effects associated with it. Oh well. Sleeping for 10 hours last night seemed to help some!

Since downtown Charleston is so close, we've been going there often, mainly just to walk around. I always seem to find more things to take pictures of. I really like all the lovely houses on Rainbow Row, but it isn't easy getting a good angle of them since I don't want to stand in the street.

They are so pretty on the outside, I wonder what they look like inside. Some of the houses down here are pretty amazing inside. Not that I've been peeking into windows as we walk around...

I also like the houses covered in the climbing vines. I always think they would have bug problems, since bugs like plants. However, the internet says that bugs are not an issue unless the vines grow into the joints.

During one of our trips we passed a fire station.

Next to it was a bell and a statue. I didn't walk up to it to see what it was for.

Inside of the fire station were several old firetrucks. You can see the front of a new fire station owned SUV in this photo.
There was a lot of glare that I couldn't avoid.

 I liked this one the most.

 Here's the plaque that was on it. It's from Cincinnati! Ohio related things are everywhere.

Today we went to the farmer's market downtown. There wasn't much fresh food being sold and there were lots of random craft vendors. Maybe it's better earlier in the year. I was hoping to get some nice fresh veggies or peaches, but nothing looked to be better quality than a grocery store.

By the way, happy fall! I think this weekend is a good time to bake pumpkin bread.

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