Saturday, September 29, 2012

Me-ish things

This post will mark the end of procrastination for a few things. And inform you of some ongoing procrastinations. It will also be helpful for anyone who forgot what I looked like.

Before we get to pictures, here is an explanation for the first bit. I had my hair cut a few weeks ago. I hate going to new places to get my hair cut because I've had several bad experiences getting my hair cut at salons. Fortunately, Bellezza in Charleston is absolutely wonderful. I recommend it if you happen to be here and need your hair cut. I'm very happy with how my hair turned out. I didn't get it cut much shorter that it was, I mainly had all the dead/split/dry ends cut off and many layers put in.

I also decided I should share my haircut with everyone. And, to match most pictures on the internet, I took self-photos using a bathroom mirror. I hope I did it correctly. Here is my hair straight:

Here is me looking confused and as if I have no idea what I'm doing:
I hold the phone so delicately. Seeing the phone in person you wouldn't believe that. It is very beat up and has a cracked screen.

I tried to get a picture of the back of my hair, but I didn't do a great job (the front facing camera is also much lower in quality). I only like this one because you can see Lucky in the doorway. He also had no idea what I was doing.

It took several days of trying to get a picture of my hair curly. The main issue was that I kept forgetting to take pictures of my curly hair while standing awkwardly in front of the bathroom mirror. Curly hair also reflects light in a different way, so most pictures didn't even show the curls very well.

For the next picture, I apparently thought tilting my head would help.

And that ends that bit of procrastination. You now know what my hair looks like post-cut and can be sure of what I look like.

Another thing I've been procrastinating on is starting to draw again. So I drew something. The something is the wall outlet faceplate that is by the tv. Here is a not great quality picture of my drawing.
Now to keep it up.

The ongoing procrastinations that I have involve decorating. There are several things I want to do because everything is very plain here. I really want to do something about the blankness of this window which looks into the kitchen.

I have an idea for the window. I have everything planned out for it. I know what I need to buy, what I need to do, and the timeline for how long it will take. I just... don't want to spend the time to put it up just to take it down in a couple of months when we move to a more long-term place.

And yes, that container is full of biscuits for Lucky. The tiny one next to it has treats for Kat who is now too picky to eat them.

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