Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A bit of water

There is a bit of water near my new home. You can see it in the distance here.

Near the edge of the water, there is a lot of grass growing. And fancy sailboats are out in the water.

Looking the other way you can see the bridge. It has a name, but I can't remember what it is. There are too many bridges for me to remember all of their names. Maybe in a few months or so.

I liked taking pictures of the sailboat. It looks so peaceful.

You can still see some land in the distance, so I don't consider any of these to be pictures of the actual ocean, even though it is. I want to see blue water and no land in the distance.

Almost like this one, but, you know, without the land in the distance. And no fence in the way. And lots of sand instead of the grasses.

We did drive to the Isle of Palms beach over the weekend. It was too busy to stop for long, but we did park and walk up to see the ocean. We'll go back when it cools off some and I don't have to worry about getting horribly sunburned.

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