Sunday, August 12, 2012

Some local creatures

We've lived here for a week now, so I'm beginning to become acquainted with the local creatures. There are plenty of dragonflies all over, which is lovely. I like dragonflies. They are pretty but difficult to take a picture of.

Unfortunately there are also a lot of horrible insect type creatures around. One such creature managed to make its way into our apartment. I didn't know what it was until we got it outside and had a chance to look it up. Kat informed me that it was trapped behind a blind near my computer. Once I got a look at it... I ran to the bedroom and hid in bed. Don't worry, the door was closed to keep it out. Here is a picture of it in a jar before Joe took it outside:
It is apparently a red paper wasp. They are not nice at all. The maintenance people will be around soon (I hope) to get rid of the small hives around the building.

Another creature around the apartment complex, which I haven't seen yet, but I'm told is around 4 feet long, lives in the small lake/ large pond near our building. Here is his sign:
I'm not looking forward to meeting him/her. I don't have to go near the lake for anything, so that is nice.

On to better creatures!

There are a lot of sticky frogs, which I guess are really called green tree frogs, all over. They are adorable and clever. One of them stays by a light outside at night to catch bugs.
The one in the picture is larger than most I've seen. Several are as small as a quarter. Their tiny size makes it difficult to take a picture of them at night. The tiny ones only seem to hang around at night.

And finally, you can meet our doorman:
I suppose a proper title should be "door-toad". He is outside of our door every night, just hanging out. He didn't like having his picture taken. He kept hopping away from me.

As I type this, Lucky is snoring. Here is some visual evidence:
The only type of creature that Lucky has noticed so far are the toads. He saw one the other day and tried to catch it. He instantly forgot about the toad when he realized we were outside and there were things to sniff.

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