Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ice Cream and Palm Trees

We finally made our way into downtown Charleston this weekend. The reason for our trip, besides to finally visit the area, is that I discovered that there is a Haagen-Dazs shop there, something that I didn't even know existed. And so, our main goal was to acquire ice cream. We were successful in that goal.
Across the street (on the other side of the market) is a Ben & Jerry's. We'll go there next time, but I'm sure it isn't as amazing as Haagen-Dazs.

We parked a few streets away from the ice cream shop and walked around for a bit. After walking through the market, which had lots of homemade crafts and touristy items, we walked up and down a few streets. Some of the stores located there were very upscale and belonged in a fancy mall. It seemed odd that they were just on the street. This downtown area is very different than what I'm used to.

One thing I've realized is that it's going to take me a while to get used to palm trees being everywhere. This palm tree was right next to where we parked the car.

All of the streets where we were walking were all lined with palm trees. And some of the streetlights seemed to be gas powered instead of electric.

This small stubby thing looks like a palm tree, but I'm guessing it is called something else. Any ideas?

People even include palm trees in their fancy gardens. 
Gardens which they want you to "enjoy the view from the street".

The garden was behind one of the historical houses which is now a private residence. I can't imagine how much money those people must make to live in the house and keep the yard looking so nice.

We didn't walk around for too long. While it was a nice day, not too humid nor too hot, it was very sunny and the sun was very warm. We'll go back eventually.

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  1. Those short stubby palm trees are called Sago palms. We have 4 of them in our back yard and you need to be mindful of these if you have animals around. The frawns are very sharp and are actually toxic. Not enough to bother humans other than being pricked if you touch it. Lucky, on the other hand, needs to steer clear as they are very toxic to dogs and can make them sick. Bad thing is that they let off scents that attract dogs. It is nice having palm trees around isn't it? I never thought I would ever have to worry about trimming them.


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