Saturday, December 29, 2012

Visit to Ohio

I had planned on spending about a week in Ohio, but due to being sick the week before and a blizzard coming in the day after Christmas, I only got to spend about 3ish days there.

We rented a car to drive up. Lucky enjoyed the drive up very much. He seems to like sleeping in a car.

On Sunday I went to the Cleveland Museum of Art with my parents. They just remodeled the entire building and it's very lovely.
Unfortunately, not all of the exhibits are open yet. The Impressionism gallery was open though, and that's my favorite room there. The Cleveland Museum of Art is much better than any of the art museums/galleries I've seen here in Charleston.

There was snow on the ground for the entire visit to Ohio, which means we had a white Christmas. I forgot to take a picture of the lovely snow, but it shows up here in my attempt to take a picture of the Christmas lights.

Christmas morning was delicious with the standard breakfast of cinnamon rolls.
Don't worry, we put a simple icing on top!

The cats were very excited to open presents, as always.
During this time, Lucky was laying in the middle of the room trying to not fall asleep. He was failing at that and kept falling over.

Christmas night we had to leave to avoid the big snow storm. Driving through the mountains of West Virginia in the snow seems like an awful idea. Lucky, of course, slept the entire way back to Charleston.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Night After Finals

The Night After Finals
by Barbara Miller

‘Twas the night after finals and all through the lands,
Instructors were grading with slight cramps in their hands.
And everywhere students were huddled in fear
Knowing that their grades soon would appear.

Instructors were dreaming of a nice and long break
And some longing for all the naps they would take.
With a small glass of whiskey (or large one of wine),
They strove to get the grades submitted on time.

All of a sudden one erupted with laughter.
This next student’s answer was quite a disaster.
The textbook assigned, had they even read it?
Such nonsense was written; it got no credit.

Some students huddled by monitors aglow,
Others were in denial not wanting to know.
Few replayed their finals again in their mind
Uncertain of what comfort there they may find.

Many students were hoping beyond hope to pass,
Some without ever once attending the class.
Now one dubious student, he thought with a smirk,
“I deserve to have my grade without the homework.”

Some algebra, some physics, and thermodynamics!
Some English, some nursing, and celestial mechanics!
From the top of the class, to the ones who just slept,
Now they panic and worry. Mostly they fret.

With eyes starting to glaze from grading the things,
Instructors began to think what boredom it brings
To spend one’s whole evening grading and grading,
But they struggled on through. Their attentions were fading.

The piles were shrinking but not fast enough.
The answers were horrible, the grading was rough.
Some questioned their skill and ability to teach
And wondered why some students were so hard to reach.

Now onto the next exam, no, wait! Can it be?
The answers were right, and the grading: so easy!
The elusive exam brought joy to their hearts
And rekindled love for teaching… well, certain parts.

The night it was waning, the red ink running dry,
And everyone noticed the time passing by.
With the deadline approaching, so quickly it seemed,
New strength was given by coffee, not just its steam.

The last exam graded! Such joy could to be had!
Then thought many instructors, “That wasn’t so bad.
Well, sure some of them failed, but many did pass,
And that’s to be expected from this type of class.”

Most instructors entered grades online in a flash,
But some couldn't log in ‘til they cleared out their cache.
They had one more task to do, an email to write
To tell students they could view grades that very night.

The email was sent, their hearts held no sorrow.
They swore not to check email ‘til tomorrow.
Then some students were glad, some students were scared,
But all were curious to see how they fared.

The students quickly logged in to behold their fate
Some were quite happy; others just stared with bitter hate:
Inside an email their excuses would fester.
Finals are finished, ‘til end of next semester.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A dog named Lucky

 Once there was a dog named Lucky. His favorite thing to do was sleep. If he didn't get at least 36 hours of sleep every day, he would be a very unhappy and grumpy dog.

Lucky liked to sleep on soft things. He liked soft things so much that he would steal them from people! The color of the soft thing didn't matter, even if it was pink! He just cared that it was soft. Sometimes he would sleep using one of his own soft things, like his stuffed doggie.

Lucky had a special blanket that he used for sleeping. It was given to him by a very special person. However, there was a rule for using the blanket to sleep: He couldn't lay on it completely, but he had to be touching it while he slept.

Most often Lucky just slept with one of his paws on the blanket. That way he would know instantly if someone touched it or tried to take it from him. No one was allowed to use the blanket except Lucky.

Sometimes Lucky would be brave and sleep with more than his paw or nose touching the blanket. He would would sleep with his head and two front legs on the blanket! The blanket was so soft and comfy. He loved it very much.

Usually when Lucky slept with his head on the blanket he would snore. His snoring was so loud that it could wake up a cat!

Whenever someone would wake Lucky up to make sure he went outside for a walk, he would stand still and look very confused. He never understood why he had to be outside when there was dreaming to do!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

My dog is weird

I guess haven't felt like taking many pictures lately. This guess is based on the fact that I only took two pictures in the past week or so. It is getting a bit chilly out and I haven't wanted to be outside much which means a lack of things to take pictures of. One good thing about the cooler weather is that I finally get to wear some of my sweaters again.

The pond behind our apartment has turned into a goose meeting place. At times there are a lot of geese and they are very loud.
Not sure if you can see all of them in the picture. If anyone up north is concerned about the geese and their travels to the south for the winter... don't worry. They are fine and still just as annoying.

Lucky has been pouty during my long weekend because all he wants is for me to leave so he can sleep. When I'm home, he feels he has to follow me around every time I move. If he doesn't get his 38 hours of sleep per day, he's not very happy.

To try to solve this problem, I spread his one blanket on the floor of the living room area. He won't lay on the blanket, but he will bunch up the corner of it to make a nice pillow.

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Short post

My parents were here this weekend, but this post won't be about that. I'll post again this week with related pictures and such. I just don't have much time to dedicate to a post at the moment. In the meantime, here are some pictures from the trip to the beach today. It was nice walking on the sand. I think we'll go again.

Oh, but first... remember the sign about the alligator in the pond near us? I finally saw him. If you click on the image to make it bigger, you can see it, too! (It's by the birds. He's pretty small.)

So, we went to Kiawah Island to walk on the beach there. It's very nice. Since it's the off season, only a few people were on the beach and it was very peaceful. I left the images in their original size so click on them and enjoy!

And here is a short video of the beach. I haven't perfected the "walking and recording without shaking the camera" skill at all... that will just take practice. I tried to record the birds, but they were too far away and kept running away.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Me-ish things

This post will mark the end of procrastination for a few things. And inform you of some ongoing procrastinations. It will also be helpful for anyone who forgot what I looked like.

Before we get to pictures, here is an explanation for the first bit. I had my hair cut a few weeks ago. I hate going to new places to get my hair cut because I've had several bad experiences getting my hair cut at salons. Fortunately, Bellezza in Charleston is absolutely wonderful. I recommend it if you happen to be here and need your hair cut. I'm very happy with how my hair turned out. I didn't get it cut much shorter that it was, I mainly had all the dead/split/dry ends cut off and many layers put in.

I also decided I should share my haircut with everyone. And, to match most pictures on the internet, I took self-photos using a bathroom mirror. I hope I did it correctly. Here is my hair straight:

Here is me looking confused and as if I have no idea what I'm doing:
I hold the phone so delicately. Seeing the phone in person you wouldn't believe that. It is very beat up and has a cracked screen.

I tried to get a picture of the back of my hair, but I didn't do a great job (the front facing camera is also much lower in quality). I only like this one because you can see Lucky in the doorway. He also had no idea what I was doing.

It took several days of trying to get a picture of my hair curly. The main issue was that I kept forgetting to take pictures of my curly hair while standing awkwardly in front of the bathroom mirror. Curly hair also reflects light in a different way, so most pictures didn't even show the curls very well.

For the next picture, I apparently thought tilting my head would help.

And that ends that bit of procrastination. You now know what my hair looks like post-cut and can be sure of what I look like.

Another thing I've been procrastinating on is starting to draw again. So I drew something. The something is the wall outlet faceplate that is by the tv. Here is a not great quality picture of my drawing.
Now to keep it up.

The ongoing procrastinations that I have involve decorating. There are several things I want to do because everything is very plain here. I really want to do something about the blankness of this window which looks into the kitchen.

I have an idea for the window. I have everything planned out for it. I know what I need to buy, what I need to do, and the timeline for how long it will take. I just... don't want to spend the time to put it up just to take it down in a couple of months when we move to a more long-term place.

And yes, that container is full of biscuits for Lucky. The tiny one next to it has treats for Kat who is now too picky to eat them.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rainbow houses and a fire station

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been feeling a migraine coming on and that just kills all motivation for everything. Fortunately I haven't had the horrible migraine pain, but I have had many of the side effects associated with it. Oh well. Sleeping for 10 hours last night seemed to help some!

Since downtown Charleston is so close, we've been going there often, mainly just to walk around. I always seem to find more things to take pictures of. I really like all the lovely houses on Rainbow Row, but it isn't easy getting a good angle of them since I don't want to stand in the street.

They are so pretty on the outside, I wonder what they look like inside. Some of the houses down here are pretty amazing inside. Not that I've been peeking into windows as we walk around...

I also like the houses covered in the climbing vines. I always think they would have bug problems, since bugs like plants. However, the internet says that bugs are not an issue unless the vines grow into the joints.

During one of our trips we passed a fire station.

Next to it was a bell and a statue. I didn't walk up to it to see what it was for.

Inside of the fire station were several old firetrucks. You can see the front of a new fire station owned SUV in this photo.
There was a lot of glare that I couldn't avoid.

 I liked this one the most.

 Here's the plaque that was on it. It's from Cincinnati! Ohio related things are everywhere.

Today we went to the farmer's market downtown. There wasn't much fresh food being sold and there were lots of random craft vendors. Maybe it's better earlier in the year. I was hoping to get some nice fresh veggies or peaches, but nothing looked to be better quality than a grocery store.

By the way, happy fall! I think this weekend is a good time to bake pumpkin bread.

Monday, September 17, 2012


It was sunny and drizzling heavily early today. We happened to be on our way to the bank and the store, so we were able to see the loveliest rainbow ever. It was even a double rainbow! Perfect complete arches. Unfortunately, the second rainbow was faint and didn't catch in the picture too well. I'm also lazy and not editing these, so they are rather large files! You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.

These two were taken from the apartment complex.

These two were taken from the parking lot of the store.

This was the most intensely colored rainbow I've ever seen. People were pulling off to the side of the road to take pictures of it. Little kids were jumping around with glee. As we were leaving the store, a guy was telling someone that his house was at the end of the rainbow. I had no idea leprechauns lived in South Carolina! However, judging by the complete lack of Irish food in this area, I'm going to say he's a liar.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Animal update

Not much has happened lately. I'm still adjusting to having lots of free time. I have no idea what to do with it still. I have started baking again, so that's good. We plan on baking pizza from scratch this weekend, too. Mmm...

Since there isn't much to update you about, here is an update about the animals.

Kat likes to yell at anything visible from her windowsill. Here she is chirping at a lizard. You can see the lizard outside if you look closely.

She really did not like these crows. She made very weird noises at them.

She's gotten chubby since we moved, so I'm trying to play with her more often.
Unfortunately, she now feels that I must be playing with her every waking moment. To clarify, the waking moments belong to her, not me. She doesn't like when I wake her up.

Lucky wishes she would stop playing. All he wants to do is take a nap.

This is how we usually find him when we come back from going out somewhere.

Lately he's been blocking the bedroom door with his one blanket and sleeping on the other blankets. He's weird.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Something in the window

I was sitting at my computer this morning when Kat started going crazy at the window behind my desk. She was trying to get something near the top of the window. I was worried that she was after another paper wasp.

Luckily, it was only a lizard.

It wasn't until I took this picture that I noticed it was inside and not outside where he belongs. I wonder how long it was trapped between the screen and the window.

The lizard didn't seem to have any intentions of finding a way out, possibly because it was quite recently terrified by the cat. Joe was still asleep so I had to figure out how to trap the lizard and put it outside by myself. I tried to open the window a bit and the lizard ran to the center of the window.
This was when I realized Kat needed to be locked in a different room. Lizard was not on the menu today.

When I opened the window, the lizard ran to the other side to stay behind the glass. I tried to pop the screen out, but I couldn't get it loose.

I had a plastic jar that I was trying to catch the lizard in, but it moved too fast. I had to run to the kitchen to get one of the empty cereal containers. I realized a container with a larger opening would make catching the lizard easier. I'm glad the lizard decided to stay at the window while I did this. Hunting it down through the house would not have been fun.

I eventually trapped the lizard in the container. It wasn't very happy about the situation.

The lizard also didn't want to leave the container when I put it outside. I had to force it to go run wild again by tapping on the container.

The frame on the window screen seems to be bent on one side, so that is probably how the lizard got through. We'll have to get that fixed soon so this doesn't happen again!

Kat is also upset that the lizard is no longer in the window. She just wanted something to play with and possibly eat.
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